The Slice, Episode 35 [Urban Feature]

Dedicated rummaging through the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers is what we call "The Slice" at EARMILK. Every fortnight we share with you 10 or more ear-grabbing songs from genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging for you while you sit back, relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

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Olivia Nelson - "Back To You"

Rising UK singer-songwriter Olivia Nelson opens up this week's list with her brand new vibrant single titled "Back To You’’. The soul-pop track sees the budding singer on a journey of self-discovery and eventual breakthrough. Armed with a commanding vocal tone, Nelson puts her heart on wax with gripping melodies laced with relatable lyrical content that everyone can latch on. She adds that the song is about feeling lost and somehow finding your way back. "Back To You’’ was recorded at the London's iconic Abbey Road Studios in partnership with BBC Introducing and is the title track of Nelson's upcoming EP.

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Saud - "Snipers" Feat. Narcy, Royce Da 5'9 & Talib Kweli

Saudi Arabian music producer Saud goes for the jugular as he recruits the vocal talents of Narcy, Royce Da 5'9 & Talib Kweli on his new track titled "Snipers". Just like the title suggests, each emcee comes equipped with the proper verbal ammo ready to decimate their foes. Narcy kicks off the gritty track with his gruff flow followed by Royce's calm and confident performance that proves why he is still regarded as one of Detroit's best. Kweli wraps it up like a mummy with his characteristic wordy flow.

"Snipers" is taken from Saud's sophomore LP Follow Me Home. Get it on Spotify.

Talitha Kaena - "Sorry"

Soul singer Talitha Kaena's newest record "Sorry" talks about the bittersweet pain of a break-up that was necessary. Backed by a smooth, lush texture, Kaena shares the emotional details of how she had to break free from a relationship that had gone sour. Its a far cry from regret but rather an admission in order to completely move on from the situation. Two years ago Talitha moved to Los Angeles and is now creating her first debut project ’Love, Peace & Music’.

KVtheWriter - "B.A.N."

St. Louis based artist KVtheWriter gives us a taste of her crunk influenced style on new single titled "B.A.N.". The title stands for B*tch A** N*gga and sees the rising rapper put the hammer on slackers who claim they are tough but in reality are exactly the opposite. In summary "B.A.N" is an ode to the era of fight music of the early 00's.
"B.A.N" is taken from her new release The Ratchet Tape.

QWYK - "Nobody"

QWYK makes his debut on The Slice with a solid introductory track titled "Nobody". Over a vibrant trap backdrop, QWYK delivers his verses in double time as he breaks free from all the personal restraints and doubts lurking in his mind. "Nobody" is taken from his new EP 'where there isn't'. A project that deals with transition and self-development. He further adds that the project is his take on the space between; a demonstration of transitioning from where he wasn't to where he wants to go.

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Alia Zin - "Blackbird"

Inspired by Nina Simone's song of the same name, Cali emcee Alia Zin's "Blackbird" is an ode to the struggles and tribulations of a young black female in a crazy world. Over a solemn, soul-laden beat by Dream the God, she touches on topics like police brutality, racial tension/segregation, the struggle between a single mother trying to raise her kids on her own--the question arises, are we really free? Sometimes we may want to fly out of our struggle, out of the situation testing you, but keep the faith and keep fighting.

Zin is currently working on her second studio album, Save My Soul, a twelve-song project recorded by Dream the God at Wild Child Studios in Irvine, CA.

Eyon, Mellow & Niekoh - "Rewind"

Toronto based trio Eyon, Mellow, & Niekoh help keep the summer energy on high with their new collaborative party jam titled "Rewind". A blend of dancehall, rap, and smooth R&B melodies. "Rewind" is taken from their upcoming album 'BOMB' . BOMB, aka, Brothers Over My Blood is a Canadian rnb, dancehall, & hip-hop collective formed by Curtis Hogan, Nikhil Patel, EJ Esufh who goes by the stage names Mellow, Niekoh, & Eyon.
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Ghodsy - "Say It Once"

LA based act Ghodsy puts his feelings on wax in this new song/video titled "Say It Once". The song is about mutual feelings for a friend but wanting to keep the friendship intact. The visual shows Ghodsy and his girl going through what all 'couples' go through and well hopefully things go well at the end. The song is the first single off of Ghodsy's upcoming project "ghosts" that is dropping August 2nd.

Now as a full-time artist, Ghodsy has headlined shows in Los Angeles and released numerous noteworthy singles.

Tobey Kai - "Commandeer"

Calgary-based artist Tobey Kai shares her sophomore single titled "Commandeer". A soulful record (produced by Mark Troyer) that details the difficulties and complex nature of love and relationships. Using her personal take on a relationship gone sour, Kai harnesses her powerful vocals to share her feelings on love, loss, and the ultimate decision to move on. The visual is directed by Kien who help bring the emotion-laden track to life with its vivid aesthetics and storyline.

Ariano - "How Can I?" (Evidence Remix)

Producer and emcee Evidence shares his dusty remix of “How Can I?” by artist/producer Ariano, who’s gearing up to drop a deluxe version of his acclaimed 2019 LP, F… You, I Love You, Pay Me. The original version of the standout track has a much more rustic, singer-songwriter vibe that showcased Ariano at his most bare—just a man with his guitar, his lyrics, and his bluesy vocals. But on Ev’s version, we get a dirty but equally raw take on “How Can I?” When speaking on the remix, Ariano said, “It brings the song to a new place. It has more of a somber yet soulful feel, layered with grit and imperfections.”

Check out Ev’s remix for “How Can I?” which is available now for stream and download along with the deluxe edition of F… You, I Love You, Pay Me, via Popular Nobody.

Troop Brand - "Cherry Trees" feat. Kota the Friend

Mississippi-bred, Atlanta-based hip-hop and R&B artist Troop Brand links up with the ever working Kota the Friend for this summer-tinged record titled "Cherry Trees". Both emcees deliver mellow lyrics over soothing guitar licks showing off yet again, Troop's ability to travel across R&B and Hip Hop vibes in a seamless way. The content of the record speaks on the good times of the past and how old goals have been met and now times are better. You may not be at the top but you’re definitely not in the same place you were years ago. Troop's full-length project 'Carpe Diem' arrives in August & he will be supporting Kota at his Atlanta tour stop in August.

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